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Navigating Night Classes at Keiser University

I. Introduction

Keiser University, a renowned institution with a strong focus on serving working adult students, offers night classes to accommodate busy schedules. This flexibility allows students to pursue their educational goals without compromising their professional commitments.

II. Typical Night Class Schedule

Night classes at Keiser typically run in the evenings from 4 pm to 9 pm. However, the exact schedule may vary depending on the location and the specific program. This flexibility ensures that students can find a schedule that fits their unique needs.

III. Benefits of Night Classes

Night classes offer several benefits. They allow students to balance their work and education effectively. Compared to traditional daytime schedules, night classes offer more flexibility, making it easier for students to manage their time. However, this flexibility may require extra time management skills to ensure academic success.

IV. Finding Night Classes

Keiser’s course search tool can be used to filter for night classes, making it easy for students to find courses that fit their schedules. Additionally, student advisors play a crucial role in helping students select night classes that align with their academic and career goals.

V. Tips for Success in Night Classes

Success in night classes requires effective time management strategies, such as creating a study schedule. It’s also important to stay focused and engaged during class, which can be facilitated by getting enough sleep beforehand. Forming study groups with classmates who share your schedule can also be beneficial.

VI. Additional Resources

Keiser University offers various resources for night class students, including online tutoring services. These resources can provide additional support and help students succeed in their courses. For more tips on managing your time effectively as a student, you can refer to our blog post on general time management tips for students.

VII. Conclusion

In conclusion, night classes at Keiser University offer a flexible and accommodating option for working adults seeking to further their education. By offering a variety of courses during the evening, Keiser enables students to achieve their educational goals without sacrificing their professional responsibilities. If you’re a working adult considering further education, exploring the night classes at Keiser University could be an excellent option for you.


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