Casebook of the Black Widowers Pdf Free Download

Casebook of the Black Widowers Pdf

The Casebook of the Black Widowers Pdf is a collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov, first published in 1974. The stories follow the exploits of a group of friends who meet monthly to discuss various topics over dinner and drinks.

The group, known as the Black Widowers, takes its name from the fact that each member has been widowed; they are all men. The stories often involve solving various mysteries, either personal or public. In many cases, the mystery is solved using deductive reasoning and careful observation.

The Casebook of the Black Widowers is one of Asimov’s most popular works, and has been praised for its humor and clever plotting.


Every month, the Black Widowers convene for sumptuous food, fine wine, and a cosmically baffling mystery. Attended by Henry, the all-knowing waiter, these gentle rogues ponder such imponderables as:

* the one-syllable middle name that represents what every schoolboy knows, yet doesn’t…
* a murder by solar eclipse very far out in space…
* a Soviet spy’s dying message utilizing a Scrabble set and a newspaper sports page…
* a satanic cult leader’s Martian connection…
* a computer criminal’s strange equation of Christmas and Halloween…
* an ancient symbol that provides the key to a woman’s mysterious disappearance


1. The Black Widowers is a group of friends who meet once a month to discuss mysteries.

2. They have solved many cases together, and their skills have only gotten sharper with time.

3. However, one case has always remained unsolved: the Casebook of the Black Widowers. This PDF contains all the information on the cases they’ve solved, as well as the one they haven’t.

4. The group is determined to solve this final case and put an end to their streak of unsolved mysteries.

5. They’ll have to use all their deductive skills and intelligence to crack this case wide open.

6. It won’t be easy, but with teamwork and perseverance, they just might be able to do it.

About The Author

Asimov was a long-time member and vice president of Mensa International, albeit reluctantly; he described some members of that organization as “brain-proud and aggressive about their IQs”. He took more joy in being president of the American Humanist Association. The asteroid 5020 Asimov, a crater on the planet Mars, a Brooklyn elementary school, and a literary award are named in his honor.

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In conclusion, Casebook of the Black Widowers Pdf is an excellent pdf that provides a great deal of insight into the world of private investigation. It is a great resource for those interested in pursuing a career in this field, and it is also a great way to learn more about the black widowers themselves.

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